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Finding neurosyphillis

Patient: I had a cranial nerve palsey which was facial drooping from eyebrow along with double vision pain in back of eye and headache on same side. MRI revealed white matter altered signal with small vessel ischemic disease. I have thought from my last partner had sex 12-28-2012 infected me with syphillis. The end of Jan. 2013 I developed an unusual sore on myMouth not herpes but very deep and didn’t hurt. I developed this sore along wth a very strange flu that laid me down and miraculously disappeared in 24 hours. I get herpes1 on my mouth and let me tell you that this sore was not herpes, now 2 months down the road I develop a strange Blotchy rash over my torso that cleared after 2 weeks. Then felt great until 2014 and began having double vission and pain around the eye, one morning woke up with my eyebrow drooping down. Now 2015 I have found out this man is bisexual and has had syphilis infection. I asked my dr to order test and I have had 2 and they are ok.I now have ear pain,vertigo and the dr doesn’t go any further with testing?? I have read serotology test aren’t that accurat or sensitive. I truly feel my syptoms say nerosyphilisHow can I get my dr to investigate further. Also if I am treated with antibiotic for somethingelse will it hinder results on test and effect treatment for syphillis?



Symptoms: Diagnosing nerosyphillis



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood your history and the exposure dated back 12- 28-2012- only a few years.Neurosyphilis takes 10- 20 years to develop.I would advise you to consult a Neurologist for further tests of Syphilis by the blood, CSF analysis and so on to confirm the diagnosis.It probably is a neurological problem not connected to syphilis and needs full further evaluationfor proper diagnosis and treatment.I hope this answer helps, please feel to ask further relevant queries so that we can continue the discussion if you feel so.

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Patient: What an uneducated answer just google neurosyphillis and HIV or early neurosyphillis. I expect a refund for my payment.

Doctor: This answer was just to start the dialogue between us both.
Due to the short time I could get to answer your particular query, I just wanted to start the dialogue (that not allow me to give you the full description in the first place)
We are here to assist you, help you till you are satisfied.
I hope you understand my point.
please feel free to ask further relevant queries so that we can continue the discussion – is already requested above.
If you say, I shall continue on and discuss till you are satisfied. (Please do not misunderstand).

Patient: I need a Dr to answer my question that is very familiar with Neurosyphillis with ocular manifestations most likely a Dr from a large city. This canned outdated answer is not good enough for my $.

Patient: Your answer : this is probably a neurological problem not related to syphilis (this
answer lets those go blind that don’t live in a large city, women and not HIV

Doctor: Your query will be attended by whichever specialist you want to.


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