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FIRM 5 CM Lump on Thigh

Patient: I have a 5 cm lump on what I think would be considered the Vastus Lateralis or possibly rectus femoris (left leg), that general area. I noticed it about 10 days ago. It appeared out of nowhere, no injury, I actually randomly felt it. The only thing remotely close would be a really bad muscle spasm/cramp in the back of my thigh I had early in the morning before I woke up one day, a few days before I noticed the lump. The cramp or spasm was so bad I think I passed out from the pain because I remember waking up later remembering the cramp and the pain, and also noticed some soreness when walking that day. The lump is fairly firm under the skin. If I squeeze it together I can kind of move it around maybe 1/4 around in place. It’s alittle smaller than a golf ball when I squeeze and bunch it together. It’s painless but its not very soft, its pretty firm but I dont know if thats because Im also pressing on a muscle. If I press the same area on my other leg its pretty hard too because of my quad muscle but no lump. The lump is slightly visible when standing and doesnt have any type of discoloring. Hoping its not a sarcoma. Google convinces you of death if you search your symptoms hard enough.



Symptoms: Firm Lump, Size of a golf ball. Under skin, above muscle. Painless.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The fact that its a recent onset lump which is soft to firm and s een to appear post severe muscles cramping in next few days , mobile ,single lump, 5cm, not growing further, localised at the site of injury ( cramp) protrudes and feels harder when vastus + quadriceps are taut but feels soft and mobile if they are relaxed. This symptoms and sign indicate that it is likely to be lipoma.This can be confirmed with a local ultrasound and if not causing any real problem then can be left alone, else can be easily removed surgically as its mostly subcutaneous. Post removal it can be subjected to histopathological examination which can easily rule out if its a sarcoma or just a fat LIPOMA.I hope i have answered your query,Please meet your physician and get a local examination and ultrasound done for reaching a diagnosis. It is not likely to be a sarcoma.Wishing you good health,Regards

Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Thank you,
Just to follow up..
As far as not growing, i’d say it’s too soon since its been less than 2 weeks since noticing it.
Its not exactly where the cramps where as the cramp was on my hamstring and the lump is more on the top by my quad.
It does get a bit more softer when relaxed and hard when theres pressure on the leg like you said.
Would a muscle cramp cause lipoma?

Doctor: Ideally muscle cramp would not cause a lipoma per se. Lipoma have a genetic predisposition and can occur anywhere over the body without any predilection to any part. It is just that cramps happen to be there that time after which you have associated it with them. So a local exam shall confirm its diagnosis but it definitely is a benign lesion.


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