First case of Hives, worried

Patient: I’ve had decently severe hives the past two nights, but they’ve cleared up by around noon each day. This past night my throat felt very constricted and still does to some extent. The visible hives have disappeared but there is still itching and my hands and feet are swollen. My temp is 99 degrees F, and there is stiffness in the fingers when I close my hand.Should I just wait it out?

Symptoms: Swelling, itching, slight fever, joint stiffness

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.As per details, it seems that you have been suffering from a skin condition called urticar ia. It is characterized by red itchy transient eruptions also known as hives over body. The allergy may be due to recent infection, food, drugs, dust, season change, pollen grains, hot, cold etc.In such cases, i prefer to advise tablet Levocetrizine. It gives immense relief. But if the urticaria is getting generalized, then it is an emergency.In case you have feeling of bronchoconstriction, then you might have got the spasm of the lungs.In such scenario, you should go to ER. Your doctor will examine you chest and if wheezes are there, then would nebulize you and may also give you intravenous steroids like Hydrocortisone.He will also get your Absolute eosinophil count, IgE levels and thyroid profile done.Visit your doctor so that he can examine you and order tests for you.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.