First, i’m sorry for my english I’m undi

Patient: First, i’m sorry for my english. I’m undiagnosed and devastated. Here is my story1. in 2009 may i was sitting in class then i suddenly felt that my belly was badly bloated, tried to use a wc, but nothing came out. Same feeling persecuted me for few days,i couldnt sit in class calmly so i met the doctor but she didnt find a thing to worry about. I should mention that before that i was drinking alcohol reguraly for about a half of year, even overdosed few times.Same summer i became phlegmatic, had no mood to to exercise, all i wanted to stay in same position all day. That probably caused my constipation. So bad that i never suffered before.2.In 2009 fall i ran 1km at school stadium, but next day i get breathless, could hardly walk, heart beating insanely. Then for the first time i felt that my brain became foggy, felt like my eye vision become worse (yea, i know about brain fog). Met doctors, after bunch of tests, they send me to psychologist. He said that i have bad depression and suggested me antidepressants, but i refused. I had no reason to do it. Suffered heavy breathing for about a week, it went away, but foggy brain is still with me till today. Also heavy bloating with weird noisesSadly, i still was drinking alcohol and still overdosed once. But every time i drank my belly starting to bloat even more. The pain started from belly button and rised up till my heart. I was so bad i couldnt move or sit. Weird, but only thing that helped me was laying down on my back and stay like this for few hours.3. In 2010 still suffered from bloating and constipation. Mum gave me to try brewer’s yeast, to fight “depression”. Still remember how i was sitting in my last exams while saying to my belly to shut up. Same year went to college4. But in 2011 i quited. Couldnt handle endless bloating. I could barely think, felt like im loosing my memory. All i heard was “u are depressed, find smth to do, fall in love and etc.” Did the echoscopy. They found something “staying” and might “rotting” in stomach and it might be a problem. Doctor said that i may have IBS.5. i could barely remember 2012, Easter was the last time i overdosed alcohol, i could barely eat for few months. somehow my bloating calmed down, but i started to weaken, with every month i felt like i can do less and less. That started to freak me out.6. in 2013 heavy breathing came back,sometimes i was waking up in middle catching my breath. Brain fog became so bad that sometimes i couldnt even make a simple sentence. Even if i had at least few days without symptoms, since last year i feel really weak everyday. Started to feel thirsty, and pee more than usually.Started loosing hair,acne on my arms,back,chest and face, and got some kind of allergy – teary eyes,sneezing attacks and plugged nose. In winter i catched rotovirus, almost survived it.7. since 2014 i got heart problems, it starts to beat for no reason, weakens me alot, my left hand and the left side of my heart hurts sometimes. In summer few times i experienced a some kind of attack while i cant feel my left hand and leg or left side of the face . Since when i developed varicose veins. Not only on legs, but arms and shoulders. Developed stretch marks on hips and tights, i dont know how, because all my life i was a bit underweight. Had few lymph nodes below the left ear increasedCant handle the heat.PMS is worst time in every month. Doctors cant find a thing. Checked my ovaries, because i had a cyst. But now its ok.I also have a small lump in my thyroid, but blood test is ok.I always was a big sugar fan, my tong is coated in white and i get a sour taste after i eat sugar or carbs.I thought i have candida so since 2014 september im on no sugar diet. But since then nothing really changed. I did stool test fot candida, but they say they found „few candida colonies and its normal. Also blood test for celiac.So for now i still have these symptoms*Brain fog*Constipation* bad bloating*No energy,get tired easily* Eye vision going bad*Itchy random places, especially nose*Extremally dry skin, especially on my head. Weird wrinkles on neck and wrists*Loosing hair, even from eyebrows*irregular heart beat, gnawing in left arm*heat attacks*symptoms of flu – pain in eyes and one side of the head, feeling cold. Disappears after the night*awful PMS*still have the veins showing all over my body*often thirsty.Thank you for reading this