First time having sex/periods

Patient: Hi I have another question im freaking out I had sex nov 4 th and got my period nov 25th but it only lasted 3 days instead of 7 like usual its now december and I was wondering will I get my period I haven’t had sex this month I just really want my period please helpalso the other day when I wiped I had a light brownish discharge but then it stopped am I okay im crying and freaking out please help also im 23 female and that was my first time having sex

Symptoms: Period like cramps sometimes that come and go

Doctor: Hello,If you have already had your menses in November after sex on NOV 3rd, then there are no chances of getting preg nant because of that sexual encounter. Th endometrium had shed off and fresh endometrium has grown in this cycle. Also if you have been sexually inactive in this cycle, then the delay is caused by the anxiety and stress you are undergoing with regards to chances of pregnancy, its just not possible . Stress can cause hormonal imbalance and that is what is causing your menses to be delayed. o please relax and wait for a week , your periods should resume. If you are still anxious then you may perform a urine pregnancy test on day 7 of missed period to rule out any pregnancy , that shall allay your anxiety completely.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards