First time pregnant

Patient: “Im 11 weeks pregnant, and my body feels super hot at night and sometimes during the day, why does this happen?”

Symptoms: Body Pain ( arms, back, lower back)

Doctor: Pregnancy just like menopause is a state in which the woman’s body is in a estrogen deprived and progesterone rich state . This results in menopause like symptoms such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness, etc.Generally these pregnancy induced hot flushes are common in the second or third trimester and continue while you are breast feeding. They mainly affect the head, neck, chest area and typically lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes.This is a normal phenomenon and affects approximately 10 percent of pregnant women. Although these hot flushes make you feel very warm they do not actually elevate the body temperature and any overall rise in the body temperature should be clearly recognized and reported by you as a fever. Fevers in pregnancy can have a negative on the baby and your health and hence it is important that you do not mistake the two as same.As a routine, just make sure that you mention the hot flushes to your OBGYN as he/she would like to rule out medical, endocrine disorders first before labeling these as hot flushes.There is no medically proven therapy to combat these symptoms. Some simple measures such as wearing light summer clothes, having ice water handy, drinking lots of water, etc. may help you tide over these bothersome symptoms.