First time sex and condom broke

Patient: I had sex for the first time a week before my period. Then a couple more times, all within a few days of my period. We used a condom all three times, and they never broke. Is there any chance I could be pregnant?EDIT:The third time we had sex was December 6 and my period was supposed to start December 10.

Symptoms: Cramping, tender breasts, PMS

Doctor: Hello,The chances of pregnancy in having sex in the last week of menstrual cycle are generally less unless there has been a delayed ovulation. But considering the fact that you had protected sex all three times , the chances are even lesser. As you are 4 days post missed period and having symptoms which could possibly be PMS , you may choose to wait for few more days till 7th day for menses to return.If it doesn’t then you may perform a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. when negative then you can wait for another 7 days to allow natural return of menses.It is likely that the delay is due to stress causing changes in hormonal balance which could be either physical , psychological or emotional.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health, regards