First time sex me and my GF

Patient: Me and my gf had sex for the frist time for both of us im 15 and we where in a hottube and i eqcaulated and 20 mins later we had sex ( for like 10 mins and dd not equalted) out of the hottub and it was her frist day off her period that was 2 weeks ago one week after we had sex she had a urge to pee alot but she didt have to and then shes been having pain that shot up to her boob but only a few times could she be pregnate plz help




Doctor: Its highly unlikely that your girl friend could be pregnant especially since you did not ejaculate inside her vagina. Mo reover while a woman is having her period, she is in what is termed as ‘a safe period’ as she is not ovulating and thereby the chances of conception are almost nil.I hope you feel better after reading this. However you must remember that accidents such as these are common and next time the situation may not be as favorable. Visit a family planning clinic or a contraception counselor and discuss the benefits and use of birth control methods especially that of emergency contraceptive or morning after pills. Armed with the proper knowledge, I am sure you will be able to avoid anxious moments in the future.

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