First time sex – problems

Patient: I am 27. Got married recently. Didn’t have a good first time sex experience. My penis was not erecting for more than 30sec and i felt my heart rate increased and excessive sweating. Doc suggested penegra and some anti-depressants. How effective are these? Does this indicate i have any hormonal problems? Also for the past week I am expereincing low sex drive.

Symptoms: Not able to maintain erection, low sex drive

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.The racing heart beats and the excessive sweating tell it all. Y ou were so much anxious. This is the only reason you could not maintain the erection.You must be absolutely normal if not under the anxiety of performance.It takes days, weeks and months and in many cases almost years to have a mutual sexual relationship between the sex partners / husband and wife.Do not worry, do not start medicines unless the natural remedies do not work and these are:- Spend a good amount time with your wife before having an actual sex. Do not rush through, do not hesitate. Discuss all the aspects of family and sexual life with your wife. She will definitely assist you to come out of these problems. Once both of you understand each other, I am sure you will not need any medicines.- Try different positions, see the references, learn and talk about all the things related to sex with your wife.It is possible that you will be successful without any medicines very soon.I hope this answer helps you.