First time slight sexual experience.

Patient: Hi doctor. I got physical with my boyfriend today. I never had sex before this but today he inserted his penis slightly into me and he was repeatedly thrusting,also through his fingers after touching his dick. Though he didn’t ejaculate into me and he’s sure about it , and since my hymen is still contact ,no bleeding occurred being my first time still I am very tensed about getting pregnant. It was kind of unprotected sex. Because it pained too much he didn’t insert his full penis and reverted . Still I got an I pill and thinking of consuming it. Is there any chances of getting pregnant as afterwards his penis portion was slightly wet and sticky . Should I take the Ipill now? And how many times can I consume emergency contraceptive pills? Is it bad for health?

Symptoms: No symptom

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.For pregnancy to occur, intercourse ha s to take place along with ejaculation inside the female vagina.Since your hymen is intact, it is obvious that his penis did not go inside his vagina.Secondly, pre-cum does not cause pregnancy as it has no viable sperms. So even if he had pre-cum which touched your vagina, it can’t cause pregnancy.Moreover you also took the pill, which will either delay your ovulation by a few days, or will have no effect if ovulation has already occurred.I will advise you not to use the emergency pill unless it is really an emergency and should not be used as a first line contraceptive. You can discuss with your boy friend about him using a condom which will negate complete pregnancy risk and also prevent further sexually transmitted infections if any.Repeated emergency pill has bad effects on health leading to irregular periods, hormonal imbalance and possible mid-cycle bleeding. So kindly avoid as far as possible.Hope this was helpful,Regards.