Fish Oil and and Vitamin K safe to take together?

Patient: Currently the only supplement that I am taking is Fish Oil. I’m thinking of taking Vitamin D because my last blood test revealed that I had low levels of Vitamin D. I’ve read that taking Vitamin K along with Vitamin D is important. However is it safe to take Vitamin K if I’m taking fish oil already? Fish oil is a blood thinner and vitamin K is suppose to help the blood clot so there is no excessive bleeding. So I’m not sure if it is safe to take both. Thanks!

Symptoms: Low levels of vitamin d

Doctor: Hi. Thanks for your query.Fish oil contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which may affect platelet aggregation and blood coagulation.Vitamin-D is essential for proper absorption of calcium by the body and its deficiency can lead to various problems like osteoporosis, bone pain, muscle weakness and other problems.Vitamin k plays a major role in blood coagulation and many blood clotting factors are vitamin K dependent. Vitamin K is naturally found in green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, okra, spring onions, soya beans, olive oil, dried prunes .Vitamin K daily requirement is in micrograms which is made up by the dietary intake usually.No need to take extra supplements for vitamin k.As you are saying that you have low levels of vitamin d according to your test reports, you can take vitamin-D3 supplement not more than 200I.U once daily per day.Hope I have answered your query.