Fishy Odour and increased Vaginal discharge

Patient: Since a couple days days ago after having sexual intercourse with my boyfriend, I have been experiencing a fishy odour and an increase in discharge, and now that my period is here, the odour has exceeded its limits. What could this be? Note this is the first time we haven’t used a condom, and he got his blood tested before we had intercourse and everything was ok.

Doctor: From your symptoms it sounds that you may be having Bacterial Vaginosis which is caused when the normal microbe Lactobac illus if replaced by other microbes like Gardenella.  Typically this leads to inflamation of the vulva and the vagina along with thin grey discharge and a fishy odour. You may need to see your physician about this so as to get treated. This is usually treated through antifungal medication like metronidazole orally of clindamycin intravaginally.