Fits in 7 month of Pregnancy

Patient: Hi My sister is pregnant and she is running in 7th month. Today morning she got fits and her body is very cold. May I know the reason, Why it ll happen, Which doctor I need to consult.

Doctor: Thank you for your queryFits during pregnancy can be due to a medical condition called as pre eclampsia. Here because of high blood pressure and increased loss of protein in the urine takes place .It is advised to immediately to see the obs/gyn doctor who will check if it is because of pre eclampsia she got fits & then suggest drugs, remedies to lower the blood pressure & loss of protein. If she is not hypertensive then brain related problems have to be looked into because of which she had fits.Hope that answers your query will have a good luck for her pregnancy

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Guest: My wife is pregnant first time at the age of 40 after 2 miscarriages(fetal node was not there).she is taking Lamtek 100 dt. what are the side effects?

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