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Five weeks ago my friend got 3 bumps on his

Patient: Five weeks ago my friend got 3 bumps on his arm. i do not picture of it. it was the first week. then he went to the doctor on base and they prescribed him Bactrim and then 3 weeks after it start spreading . as you could see on one arm on his tattoo on one arm and now at 5 weeks on the other arm it go worst. We want to know what is this and if it is contagious. and what do he need to do to get it cleared up



Symptoms: Itching,



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Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATD.The rashes appear to be of allergic origin rather than of infective origin. Such rashes are grouped & highly itchy.My advice use Betamethasone cream twice a day . Also use Tab Cetrizine 10 mg per day before sleep.Hope it will give you relief in 10 days.Please discuss with your physician and feel free to get back to us for the follow up.Best regards

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Patient: wait i thought that you got this photo look what it did on his other hand

Doctor: Are these lesions on this picture painful & if any of these popped out ?

Patient: The one on the tattoo hand is how it came on his skin first it look like that but it was only three. Then it started spread ing and now that arm that you are watching now is what happen after 5 weeks. It just got worst now it have spread to the other arm on the tattoo arm and one spot on the leg. He said it do not hurt it only itches. It is still spreading

Doctor: As I had adviced before ,please start that ,after discussing your Family physician.
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