Flank pain due to epididymal cyst

Patient: I have left flank pain for over month now.Sometimes I feel a little pain in my groin area just above my left testicle.The flank pain feels more like burning pain and it is not always on the same spot(more in the back,sometimes higher,sometimes lower etc.)I had done ct scan,blood work,urine work and colonoscopy done .Everything is normal.The pain seems to be better when Im laying down(I do not feel anything the whole night).It is not bad pain and on scale 1 to 10 it is about 2 or 3. Im 37 yeear old male with no history of any illnes. I also have Hiatal hernia and epidydimal cyst on my left testicle if that has anything do with my pain Im not sure. Please any advice will be appriciated since i’m in stress for month now i will like to now what is causing my pain. Thanks

Doctor: I do understand your concern for the lower pain abdomen that you are experiencing. It is most likely that the pain is a referred pain from the epididymal cyst.Usually no treatment is required for an epididymal cyst. However if the pain becomes severe, you may need to consult your doctor for surgical excision or sclerotherapy.