Flat red dot on cheek

Patient: I have a flat red small bump on my cheek i noticed later last night. It is not itchy but flat. It is noticeable. I would like to know what it is. Thanks

Symptoms: Not itchy
small flat bump
on lower right cheek

Flat red dot on cheek -1 Flat red dot on cheek -1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Thank you for your question, this red flattened bump appears to be possibly caused by a con dition known as contact dermatitis. You may have been exposed as to an irritant that could have caused an allergic inflammatory response in this localized area of your face. It is also possible that this could be an area where a pimple is developing. We also do not want to rule out the possibility that you could have had an insect bite in this area which is causing this reddened indurated area. Please monitor this are to see if it will resolve on its own. If not, we recommend that you have your doctor examine it to determine if it is necessary to be treated with topical medications.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com