Flexeril and depressions

Patient: My husband is in treatment for PTSD and other conditions. He’s on different meds for it…eg. celexa…now another doc wants to give him Flexeril in addition for headaches. We had trouble with that doc before. He just told my husband to put a warm wet towel in his neck. He didn’t say anything about the meds. When I picked up the other meds it was just there! Now my question is. He just started being stable and I read so much about flexeril causing depressions. Plus normally you shouldn’t take it more than 3-4 weeks. That doc noted on the bottle 2 month and that’s also when he has his next appointment. To me it sounds like the doc didn’t look into the file and the other meds. My husband is on 5 different meds he needs to take daily plus 7 as needed. So we need to be careful. Plus – he has a sharp pain in the forehead since he was blown up downrange. More like a migraine pain. Not like tense muscles. And it lasts somewhere between 5-15 minutes than its over! He also got meds from another doctor for the headaches but he relives it just if he feels it early enough and helps just a little bit.Is it safe to take flexeril with all tht other meds he is already taking? Even if the doctor didn’t tell my husband anything about it? They also didn’t talk about his other meds.Will it more likely worsen the depressions?