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Flu/cold chest question

Patient: Hi, I had the flu last week but this week, clear mucus keeps coming up from my throat.I have little to no voice.the right side on my chest starts to hurt with a little difficulty breathing.I coughed up whitish phelm and then greenish phelm earlier.What can this be?




Symptoms: Involuntary clear phelm, hard cough produces little phelm and sometimes whittish and green phelm, headache and a little sinus pressure in head nose and ears. right chest pain,sometime hard tp breathe

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query at AsktheDoctor.comI am pleased to assist you.With a history of flu last w eek, you still have white phlegm coming from your throat along with sinus pain around your head, nose and ears.Whenever there is a sinus infection, often the only symptoms manifested are facial pain, with a runny nose. Post- nasal drip leads to a throat infection subsequently. The mucus is also making it difficult for you to talk and the voice is not proper.You need to start steam inhalation, which will help in thinning the mucus, and it will come out giving you relief. You can do it 2-3 times a day. You also need to do saline water gargling/ Betadine gargling couple of times to soothe your irritated throat mucosa.With a history of cough in all likelihood, it has progressed to a lower respiratory tract infection. Hence, you need to see your local physician who can advise you an appropriate antibiotic. There are some options such as combination Amoxycillin + Clavulanic acid or Cefixime, either of which will help in recovery.There is nothing to worry about and if you follow the advice, you will recover soon.Take care.Hope this was helpful.Best Regards.


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