Flu medicine check for a diabetic patient

Patient: My mother is a diabetic who maintains her sugar balance on a regular basis. She is recently suffering a flu and her GP has prescribed her the following medicines: PROVENTIN SILVER CALCIN D COUGH SYRUP FANADYN 180 MG TABLET: MONTAIER 10 MG I was wondering, are the medicines suitable for her to take? Also she was told by some of her friends that calcium and vitamin should not be taken at the same time. Is it true?

Doctor: The control  of diabetes may not be affected by the above mentioned drugs provided your mother’s sugar levels are within n the normal range and provided that she is not allergic to any of these drugs. Calcium should not be taken alongwith iron because the drugs may interfere with each other when it comes to absorption. Thus, in case her vitamin supplement contains iron, she should probably avoid taking them at the same time. But if it contains vitamin A, C, E, D, magnesium and no iron, than the vitamin supplement can be taken together with calcium because these elements enhance calcium absorption.