Fluctuating pulse rate

Patient: In october 2010 I had a sudden rise in blood pressure to around 190, and pulse rate dropping to 35 with every third heart beat missing on ecg.This was attended to by my physician with medication and blood pressure was controlled to normal, however the pulse though otherwise normal was missing beats on and off.My physician advised me to consult cadio specialist who found the ecg more or less normal but conducted an echo test as well, and put me on medication amlodepine in morning and atorva and deriphylin at bedtime.However he recomended a pace maker may be required in due course.The blood pressure has since been about normal and the pulse was normal rate but missing at times at varying intervals.However , since the last few months I notice that the pulse rate drops to 42 if I lie on the left side,and urs to about 80 if I lie on my right side.Even otherwise I notice that the pulse rate alternates between 42 and 80 depending on my position of sitting or posture while standing.I personally as a layman suspect the strange pulse rate due to some problem with the stomach since the erratic behavior is generally accompanied by excessive burping.My physician had and still does suspect the problem due to stomach.I personally as a layman feel the problem is more due to stomach or other muscular pressureI wonder if this strange problem is common.Given the above could you please advise the course of action to be taken.