Fluids are moving in urethra near pelvic side

Patient: Dear Sir,I am 20 years male.I have to discussed about my medical condition related with urology. Most of the time I felt that some fluid is moving through the urethra or testis. This feeling is stronger after urination and slowly reduced. Feeling also get stronger when I think about it. Sometime it make detectable sensation near pelvic side or testis. other symptoms are dribbling of urine after urination. Sometime I have normal urine stream and sometime reduced force.I have no any other symptom like pain or burning. I have been suffering from this condition for 4 years.kindly tell me cause of such condition? I do not fell any discomfort and I have no problem if my symptom are not a sign of serious disease.

Symptoms: feel like fluids are moving in urethra near pelvic side most of time