Follicle size not increasing from last 3 days

Patient: Hi Team, We had done intercourse in last month on the day of ovulation and after that my wife’s period delayed by 4 days. and this period was not normal period only 2 days bleeding. we did pregnancy test but it shows negative and after that we have done follicular test 4 days ago on 9th day of period . that shows left size 15mm and after 4 days it again shows 15mm sameCould you please let me know what did it mean. We are so confuse

Doctor: Hello,If you had tried earlier last month , during the fertile period but failed to conceive, it is common that all a ttempts dont succeed. As of now i believe you both as a couple have opted for infertility treatment already and undergoing follicular monitoring during the cycle.A 15mm follicle on TVS on 9th day and then again no growth seen after 4 days on day 13 indicates that there hasn’t been any growth of the follicle in last 4 days . At the 13 th day the size should be around 18-20 mm if the cycles have been regular. In this cycle , no ovulatory drugs would be given to promote ovum growth as this is a dummy cycle to monitor the natural follicular response.It is from the next cycle in discussion with your physician , you may be started on ovulation drugs to promote ovulation and growth of the follicle.I hope i have answered your query,regards