Food Allergy or Mystery?

Patient: When I eat pecans my mouth numbs and my throat scratches or feels tight. I gave them up years ago. However, I have ate foods which create same symptoms and when I ask what is in it- there is usually pecan crust, or infused in pecans, etc. I thought I was obviously allergic to Pecans. My allergist did a Pecan skin test and it came out negative. So if I am not allergic to pecans, why does my mouth and throat react that way? I had a good scare last week where I even had difficulty breathing- my chest got really tight. .I found out the wrap had pecan crusted chicken- all it took was one bite.

Symptoms: Mouth tinging, numbing, throat closing, or scratchiness,

Doctor: HelloThanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.The allergy tests are not very sensitive or specific . You have a good evidence by your experience that you are allergic to pecans and you should judiciously avoid it. Don’t go by the results of allergy testing.Hope this helps,Wish you a good health.