Food does not go down the esophagus properly

Patient: My husband, age 67 had a stroke almost 2 yrs ago. It effected his emotional part of the brain. He had no motor skill problems except for a slight slur in his speech. The cause of his stroke was a very blocked carotid left artery which he had surgery done and the neurosurgeon reported that all the crud was successfully removed.For the last 8 months he has had a problem when he eats. He states that most of the food goes into his head and stays there until it eventually falls down and he can either rechew it or sometimes swallow it when he eats or even drinks. He is on Ensure now because of the weight loss. His family dr sent him to a ENT dr who did 2 scopes finding nothing but realizing there is a problem. The ENT dr sent him to a general surgeon, who did an endoscopy of the esophagus. and found nothing. He then did a ct scan with barium swallow and dye injection of the neck area. My husband has now been sent back to his family dr to try and find a place that does an Esophageal Motility Study. Im sure this will take months to get an appt. Do you think he should see a neurologist. Would this have anything to do with his stroke. He eats about every 3 days. Always after he eats, he regrets eating. Im afraid he is going to stop eating altogether.