Foot numbness knee pain lower back after vertebrae fracture

Patient: I suffered a compression fracture of the L1 3 yrs ago.I was forced back to work it has been a year now.I have always complained of weakness in both legsmore so on the left leg. Pain in lower back, hips and top of legs.My Job I have been at for 11 years now is in a call center so Isit for 8 hours a day. Since about last January I started to get morepain in lower back hips and legs going to the knees. My knees are like on fireat times. Since beginning of summer now I suffer periodically edema swelling in feetmore in the left foot. My feet hurt, and toes hurt very painful. My left leg goesnumb mostly in foot which is constantly numb feeling. I can hardly walk at timesI have been using a cane to walk due to the pain, numbness and increasing weakness.I have had an MRI nothing abnormal shows. But then again this is taken in lyingdown position which I have no problems in. My problems arise from sitting, standing and walking.I can’t get any answers from the dr they dont seem to know what is happening.Just keep working and moving nothing more they can do. I wasn’t using a cane a year ago.I wasn’t having constant numbnessa year ago. I dont know where to turn or whatto do or ask for at this point. last fall a year