Foot Pain – big toe bunion

Patient: I am a runner and a dancer so I’ve always had problems with foot pain – especially my bunions. I am starting to run for track again, and my big toe bunion, on the right foot, is becoming agitated more than usual. The pain is also spreading to the rest of my inner foot to the point where I end up rolling on my ankle so I can stand/walk. I had an x-Ray 4 years ago and there were no signs of a stress fracture. I haven’t gone in since, but I want to know what might be the underlying cause of this pain coming back continuously whenever I undergo intense training.

Symptoms: Swelling, redness, slight bruising, pain

Foot Pain - big toe bunion-1

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.See, this problem is not a temporary problem. If not tre ated would persist for life.There are 2 way outs for this:1. Surgical Correction.2. Wearing shoes that are specially designed for you to make your toe adjusted perfectly.Do hot fomentation of your foot regularly for pain relief.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.