Foot Pain in children

Patient: Hi,I had a quick question. I had brought my son to the doctors for foot pain he was having and was told that it was sever’s apophysitis and was given heal lifts along with some calf stretching on exercises. The doctor had said that the X-ray showed an extra epiphyseal plate at the head of the first metatarsal on both feet. At the time I didn’t think much of it and then decided to look it up and can’t seem to find anything regarding that. Would you have an answer to that?

Symptoms: Foot pain

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your queryI have gone through your question in detail and understand your concern.Sever’s Disease, otherwise known as calcaneal apophysitis is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel of growing children, typically adolescents. The condition presents as pain in the heel and is caused by repetitive stress to the heel and is thus particularly common in active children.Treatment may consist of one or more of the following:1. Elevating the heel2.Stretching hamstring and calf muscles 2–3 times daily3.Analgesics such as ibuprofen is helpful.It generally resolve in 2-3 weeks time.This disease has no relation to 1st metatarsal epiphysis.Hope I have answered your query.Wishing your son good health.Take care.