Foot Pain on the upper part of the inside of foot close

Patient: When i move my foot one direction it starts to feel like i am twisting it and there is a sharp pain, but when i move it back it goes away. But once it goes away it doesn’t come back unless my foot is in the exact position my foot is twisted in. Im not sure what the problem with my foot is. it happens on the inside part of my foot close to my toes near the first metatarsal . Please let me know what I should do

Symptoms: Pain

Doctor: Hi.Thank you for writing to ATD.Here are a few possibilities:- Muscle strain- Ligament tear- Hairline fractu re- BursitisIt is most likely to be a muscle strain. You can try icing the ankle for 15 mins at a time and rest it for 45 mins. Do this 5 times a day.If the pain does not subside, it is not a simple muscle tear and I recommend that you talk to a Doctor.Hope this helps. Hope you get a speedy recovery.