Foot swelling.

Patient: Please assist me:My Father is having a diabetic and 67 years old.From last couple of days his foot(Right leg – lower part) is swelling.Yesterday we went to physician and suggested to take Sugar test and Urinalysis uploading the same reports now, all looks fine.Please suggest what may be reason. Still foot swellings sometimes.What should i do next.I am not attach the report website not accepting.But i am copying everything:***Test results:***Serum Creatinine 1.27 mg/dl 0.6 – 1.4Uric Acid 4.5 mg/dl 3.4 – 7.0Fasting Blood Sugar 99 mg /dl 70 – 110Corresponding Urine Sugar Nil***URINE COMPLETE ANALYSIS ***PHYSICAL EXAMINATION:Colour:Pale YellowAppearance:ClearpH – Acidic(6.5)SP.Gravity – 1.020Albumin – Present (Traces)Sugar:NilKetone Bodies:AbsentBile Salt:AbsentBile Pigment:AbsentBlood:AbsentUrobilinogen:Urobilinogen**MICROSCOPY:**Pus Cells:2-3/hpfEpithelial Cells:2-3/hpfRBC:Nil/hpfCasts:NilCrystals:Nil



Symptoms: Swelling on right foot. No pain. Sometimes it swells sometimes not. He is Parkinson’s patient not able to walk as well.



Doctor: The causes of leg swelling, medically described as “edema” are multiple. However, if you are particularly sure that the swelling is one-sided and the other is absolutely normal, we can narrow down the possibilities1. Deep venous thrombosis- blockage in deep veins- blood vessels of the limb2. Varicose veins- Visible dilated and superficialtortuous veins over the limb3. Cellulitis- Infection of the skin and tissues beneath- accompanied by pain and redness4. Trauma5. Lymphatic obstruction6. Other very rare causes like iliac vein obstructionYou will probably need a thorough examination of the limb by a physician and a Doppler scan of the limb. Therapy will be directed as per the disease. The reports seem to be fairly normal, other than the serum creatinine, which is very marginally high(can be reconfirmed).

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Patient: correction:
From last couple of days his feet(Right leg – lower part) is swelling.

Patient: Excellent, thank you.
Last week we went to a local physician. He suggested some physiotherapy it is really working well. It coming down really well(foot swelling).
Exercises suggested:
1. keep the foot always parallel not down.
2.While sleeping put the two pillows below the foot and sleep.
3. Bit of exercises for leg
We are seeing best results after this.
We also checked the Blood Test on same day.
Before the food:102 mg/dl (Fasting Blood Sugar)
After the food: 193 mg/dl (Post PRADIAL BLOOD SUGAR)
Bhagyaraj M C


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