For 2-3 weeks on and off I’ve been sneezing, had runny nose.

Patient: For 2-3 wks on and off I’ve been sneezing, had a runny nose, felt chilly and extremely tired at times also noticed my face swelled in the mornings about 2wks post symptoms. Yesterday i woke up with a terrible cough slight brown mucous in clear bubbly liquid. Today it’s worst and messing with my breathing it, I’m weezy and when i inhale deeply it feels like my lungs will pop, weezing occurs followed by a liquid being coughed up. I feel like what ever it is has affected my upper esophagus and upper trachea possibility my thyroid glands. I’m also a ciggerate smoker. Weed seems to suppress my symptoms. I’m thinking it could be pneumonia, bronchitis, hyperthyroidism or esophagus cancer. Your the doc please help.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.You seem to be suffering from a lower respiratory tract infection which is leading to the production of mucus. Wheezing is a common manifestation of LRTI, and you need to get it examined by your physician.Also, you need to avoid smoking as smoking will only worsen your symptoms.I will advise a course of Cefixime 200 mg twice daily for 7 days, along with an antihistaminic like Levocetirizine + Montelukast which will reduce wheezing and the bronchitis. If there is a persistent cough antitussives like Ascoril will help. Before starting any treatment, you should consult your physician who can physically examine you and also check the sputum color.If required the sputum can be given for sputum culture.Hope this was helpful,Regards.