For about 3 months now my toes on both feet get cold and lose their color

Patient: For about 3 months now my toes on both feet get cold amd lost their color. I’m a 26 years old female.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Your history says you are just 26 years old female and your toes are cold and lost their color.This is very rare occurrence at your age group.I would suggest you the following:Consult a Physician for clinical evaluation, physical examination, and investigations to find the root-cause to have a proper plan of treatment.Some of the investigations you have to get done ASAP are.Routine tests of blood, including sugar, liver and kidney functions and whichever required on clinical examination.Color Doppler study for arteries of the lower limbs,These will give an idea about the probable cause giving you this problem, making it possible to go for further investigations and treatment.Till then avoid too cold and too hot atmospheric changes.Take care of the toes so that injury is avoided.