For almost a week my breasts have been sore They’re

Patient: For almost a week my breasts have been sore. They’re sore on the outer edges of my breasts but not the center or around my nipples. They rarely itch, they just seem to be sore. They are tender to the touch and hurt when I run.I am a 19 year old female, I have been on the depo shot for over 3 years now, I rarely have periods/spotting(maybe once a year) and I just gained weight these past two weeks from 115 lbs to 118-120 lbs. I last had sex May 24 and it was unprotected. He did pull out.Why are my breasts sore? I’m not thinking I’m pregnant because I’m on depo provera, and I’ve never missed a shot. I actually tend to get them a few days to a week early.I’m just hoping my boobs are actually starting to grow again.

Symptoms: Sore breasts, they aren’t itchy or swollen. They are only sore on the outer areas of my breasts.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of your breast pain are side effect of depo shot, gonadal hormonal imbalance, prolactin level abnormalities etc.As breast tenderness can be seen in pregnancy and as very rarely pregnancy is possible while being on depo, you may go for urine pregnancy test to rule out the possibility of pregnancy.Mild analgesics may help in relieving the pain, if breast tenderness persists or recurs even after taking analgesics better to get evaluated once.Physical examination and investigations like sonomammography, gonadal hormonal profile and prolactin levels estimation etc can help in finding out the cause of the problem and treatment can be taken accordingly.Take care