For the last month and a half I have had

Patient: For the last month and a half I have had what I thought was mistrial craps – they would get more and more intense but I did not end up having my period – a few days ago the pain moved down to my right side and was sharp and super intense and went away. This morning I woke up rolled on my right side and a intense sharp pain came back – I thought I needed to go poop and when I was there just peeing was so painful – I stood up and felt dizzy, light headed and blurry vision, I managed to veg to my bed and curl up and the pain for sharper and deeper. I ended up falling asleep or I passed out don’t know – when I woke up there was a dull lingering pain – called the doctors office – but now 7 hours later the pain is full but I haven’t felt a sharp pain – should I cancel the appointment ?