For the past few months iv been having bloating and poo pains

Patient: For the past few months iv been having some trouble with bloating and poo pains, generally if I need to go do a poo I don’t get a normal feeling I get a sharp stabbing pain right through my stomach o go to the toilet and my stool is like clay, then no matter how much I poo through the day I still have bad bloating

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your problems of bloating in spite of passing poo, getting sharp pain s before going to poo, clay-like stool for past few months.These symptoms definitely indicate that you need a primary treatment of an antibiotic, metronidazole, probiotic, activated charcoal tablets for a 5-day course.Then depending upon the results further tests can be done:Tests of blood, stool, urine, ultrasonography, colonoscopy and CT scan of the abdomen if required.This way it will be easy to get a proper treatment, diagnosis and direction for further investigations and plan of treatment is something serious is found out.I hope this answer helps you.