For the past two weeks, I have had major lower

Patient: For the past two weeks, I have had major lower back pain which caused pain in my left leg. Today I went to a physical therapist and he told my that the lower part of my spine was twisted and compressing on a nerve causing the leg problems. Well right now, my hamstring is twitching, my calf muscle feels like it is cramping up and my foot has the numb/tingling feeling like it’s asleep. When I try to stand on my tip toes, my leg automatically falls down. Should I be concerned about this or should I not worry because of the compressed nerve and it will go away on its own?

Symptoms: Pain, numbness, tingling

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history of pain in the back radiating to the hamstrings, calf and foot.This is suggest ive of a compression of a major degree which may need a surgery too.I would advise you the following:- Urgent MRI of the Lower spine.- Consultation of a Neurosurgeon for a proper clinical evaluation, examination, investigations and proper treatment, which may be surgical removal of the compressing forces.I hope this answers your query and helps you to get an early diagnosis and proper treatment