Foreskin does not slide completely down the shaft of penis

Patient: I am 23 year old virgin male and my foreskin retracts and folds till just behind the head of my penis.When fully erect I have too pull the foreskin with a little force so that it retracts and unfolds further down. I do have pain while trying to pull the foreskin back and forth while masturbating.How do I cure this to have comfortable sex with my partner??

Doctor: Your problem is most probably caused by phimosis, a condition in which the foreskin cannot be retracted over the head of the penis. It may be due to unusually tight skin or infection of the glans penis.The first line of treatment is by stretching of the foreskin manually or with balloon devices. Steroid creams applied to the area have also shown to help. If this does not work then the surgical circumcision may be required.

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Guest: I m 35 years old i have gone circumcision and vericose surgery on 10th feb 2014 (1.5 months). Still i have sensation problem on circumcision and cant able to intercourse with sex pls help me and even how long it will be there and i m gettting back pain now a days pls help me doctor