Foreskin Doesn’t Retract Back

Patient: My husband is not circumcised and I think there could be something wrong that the foreskin does not retract back at all. I have never seen the actual penis just the skin that covers it. I don’t think that is normal and wonder if you could answer this. I have dated 2 other non circumcised men previously and know that when they masturbate the penis does come out of the skin. We are arguing about this as I think there is a problem and he should seek medical attention. We have had problems in the past sexually and now wonder if this is why.

Doctor: This is a common question I receive from parents.  All studies to date have shown there is no medical advantage to havin ng a circumcised penis.  There is a condition in children where the foreskin fails to open and must be surgically corrected but it would be impossible for your husband to have this condition and survive to adulthood.  Your husbands penis is likely normal and I suggest you not make it an issue in the relationship.