Foreskin keeps rolling down after masturbation

Patient: I was in the shower doing my thing just washing and i decided I would masturbate, part way into it i felt a weird pull and I realized I had pulled the foreskin behind the head – (my foreskin is quite tight i’m in the process of stretching/using it more and i’ve been making progress) but this felt weird, I have done this twice before where I’ve pulled it behind the head and it felt really weird as if it was scrunched up so i immediately stopped and tried to get it back to normal as this discomfort is an instant turn off. on the two other occasions I was able to get everything normal again but on this occasion i noticed that the head was still erect while the rest of my penis wasn’t, and this started to worry me after a few minutes… i got out of the shower and googled to see how to lose the erection and some of the things I read started to worry me, moments later I got extremely dizzy and felt as if I was going to pass out… I stammered into my room and sat / laid down I don’t even remember but within a few minutes my erection started to go down a little bit and I stopped feeling as dizzy and light headed. Since then I’ve been trying to get the foreskin back over the head but it’s as if it shrunk or it’s being rolled over, or something because it won’t go all the way back around it, and now it’s also starting to peel back down but not all the way, it just slowly creeps to right before the head starts… I’ve read so many different stories and so many different explanations but I’m confused and very frightened right now, and I’m in a panic as I don’t know what to do. It feels as if it’s possible the skin could be rolled over itself on the way up but I’d have to peel it far back to do that and I don’t want to damage or mess with anything until I know what to do… when I pull it all the way up it doesn’t completely cover the head. This all happened about three hours ago I can’t seem to find a solution, although the head did shrink back down, I’m not certain if it’s the flaccid size but I’d say it was if I had to guess…If anyone can help I’d be so appreciative as I’m in such a panic I don’t know what to do and I’m extremely embarrassed about this situation to tell anyone…

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Doctor: Thanks for your question.There is not much to worry. This may due to the fact that the tip of the foreskin is too na rrow to pass over the glans penis and the inner surface of the foreskin is fused with the glans penis. The unusual masturbation may cause phimosis which is a condition of the penis where the foreskin cannot be fully retracted over the glans penis. It can be corrected by surgical methods(circumcision) though If phimosis in adults is not causing acute and severe problems, even nonsurgical measures may be effective.Topical steroid creams such as betamethasone, Mometasone furoate and cortisone are effective in treating phimosis and may provide an alternative to circumcision.Hope this helps