Foreskin problems

Patient: I am 22 yrs old. I have a problem with my fore skin. My penis foreskin cant be pulled back when i have an erection. It wont even pass the the penis head. If I try to pull it back it hurts me little. Last week I masturbated severely and my foreskin was pulled back to head of my penis. I felt pain after that masturbation. My foreskin remained back. It was paining when the head of penis touches my cloths. I didn’t able to walk freely for some 2-3 days. After that the foreskin came to its normal position(covering the head). Now I have no pain but again I cant able to pull back my foreskin. Even during erection fore skin remains on the head.

Symptoms: Foreskin cant be pulled

Doctor: Hi.Thank you for writing to ATD.You have phimosis which can be complete or partial and the latter appear to be the case. Pulling the foreskin in such situation will cause PARAPHIMOSIS – edema of head of the penis and related structures, which can be painful and problematic. Circumcision is the answer and you must meet the surgeon for the needful.Hope this helps.All the best.