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Fractured clavicle

Patient: I recently had clavicle surgery (left shoulder), i had a plate and 6 screws put in my shoulder. Is it common to still have pain (at random) that some times travels down my arm instead of staying in my shoulder? On a busy day its a lot more common that a relaxed day but either way it still flares up. And how long do the pains usually last or are the flares up something i will always deal with?




Doctor: You have not stated how long ago you had surgery done, but clavicular fractures normally heal in about 6 weeks. It is no t the norm to have pain of this nature after surgery on the clavicle. In fact the nature of your pain suggest that there may have been some nerve injury, either initially when the clavicle was injured or at the time of surgical repair. I suggest returning to your surgeon and explaining the symptoms you are experiencing so that the appropriate tests may be done and treatment started.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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