Frenulum tear on penis. Healed but still problems.

Patient: I believe I had a torn frenulum on penis months ago that healed, but if I look at from a profile it almost looks like it healed in two separate pieces (gap maybe a millimeter or less) but I also think the two sections formed scar tissue and as kinds sensitive and sometimes painful with an erection. I’ve read many things but not sure if I should see a urologist or dermatologist.

Symptoms: Sensitive to touch with an erection, fine otherwise

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.As per details, it seems that there is improper healing of the damaged part.It ma y require surgical intervention to correct it.As you mentioned, its painful also, so better not to delay and consult a Urosurgeon so that he can examine properly and take intervening steps if necessary.I hope it helps.Take care.