Frenulum Tear, Still Bleeding

Patient: My girlfriend and I were having sex, when I felt something rip on my penis. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, and in the heat of the moment, I just finished. We realized the inordinate amounts of blood. It turns out I tore my frenulum. As such, my girlfriend and I had to cease activities for the weekend, but we still made out, so I had an erection a few times. It’s been 3 days (happened Friday night), and I am still bleeding. The bleeding was the worst last night.Should I just let the frenulum heal on its own? How long will it take to heal, and to stop bleeding? Anything I should do to help it heal faster? Finally, how will I know when I can resume sexual activities?

Symptoms: Symptoms: Bleeding, pain when peeling back

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The penile area is very vascular and can bleed a lot after a vigorous sexual intercour se. It is likely to stop in a few hours and if it is prolonged beyond a day it definitely needs attention.Kindly see a surgeon for an examination, the doctor will have to apply pressure bandage or suture the area in case of excessive bleeding. An antibiotic cover may also be needed.You can resume sexual activities by a week or more, in case there is no infection or inflammation.Hope this helped.Regards