Frequent ankle pain and swelling

Patient: I am having ankle pain on the outside of my ankle just under the bone. I have had pain for a few years in my ankle (just the right one) and sometimes it swells up. I never really thought anything of it because the pain would just come and go and my ankle isn’t tender to the touch. I can touch it and it doesn’t hurt. But sometimes (a few times a week) I just have sharp pain in my ankle. Usually it only lasts for a few seconds and then it goes away for a while. Some days it doesn’t hurt at all. Lately, it has hurt so bad that I am not able to put any weight on my foot without it hurting. I never did anything to hurt it. It’s just sharp pain that comes and goes. I went to the doctor for it once and they told me to go on crutches for 2 weeks. While I did this, it didn’t hurt, but as soon as I stopped using the crutches, it started hurting again. I have tried several different braces/wraps on it and I even got an expensive pair of shoes that had good support and nothing helps. Does this sound like a ligament/tendon issue that might require surgery? Or what does it sound like? Whenever I go to the doctor they just say “sorry, we can’t do anything to help your ankle.” But I can’t stand it anymore. I have had it x-rayed twice and the x-rays always come back normal….. Thank you for your time!

Symptoms: Frequent ankle pain and occasional swelling