Frequent bathroom visits

Patient: Hello, i’ve had a problem of frequently having to go to the restroom constantly. This started happening about 5 months ago and i got a physical check up. I’m 27 yrs old and i don’t have enlarge prostate or have diabetes. But i do have high blood pressure and taking lisenoprill 20mg.I don’t have UTI as i took a antibiotics and it hasn’t done much to deal with my problem. This is starting to become a problem as i can’t get enough sleep at night. I sleep around 12 and wake up at 4 and constantly having to use the restroom. I get out of the bed every 20mins are so and i can’t fall back asleep because of that urge of having to pee. I tried everything, drink cranberry, take azo standard that supposablly help with the urges and drink lots of water to be hydrated. Nothing seems to help and I’m starting to become sleep deprived..