Frequent Bladder Infections

Patient: I have been getting frequent recurrent bladder infections for several years now. I am sexually active, but I do all of the things I have seen to prevent them and yet they still happen. Is there a possibility that there is something else wrong with me that is causing them or making me more susceptible to them?

Doctor: There is certainly the possibilty that there is some underlying condition that increases your risk of developing bladder infections. That being said, bladder infections are far more common in women than they are in men for several reasons. Women have shorter urinary trat which makes it easier for bacteria to enter the bladder, the urethral opening is in close proximity to the vagina which naturally has several different types of bacteria present and as such some women inadvertently carry bacteria from the vagina to that opening when cleaning the are after urinating.To determine if you have any abnormalities that may increase your risks, you will need a full examination by a doctor and some test such as an ultrasound.  Diabetes increases the likleihood of developing all types of infections including bladder infections and you should be checked for this disease as well.