Frequent Bloody Nose

Patient: Why am I having so many bloody noses? I have been to emergency 3 times in the last 9 months. They told me it was because I have a dry nose.Had my nose cauterized 3 times and I am still having bloody noses. I am putting in an oil that the ENT recommended to keep my nose moist and using a saline with aloe gel. We have a humidifier in our home and on all the time. Where I work we have heat in winter and air conditioner in summer. I’ve been checking my blood pressure and it is not high enough to make my nose bleed like it has been.

Symptoms: Nose bleeding on the left side and it has been cauterized 3 times. Now I believe it’s bleeding on the right side too. ENT told me to use cotton ball soaked with Afrin nose spray ( I use generic). That helped, but a couple days later it started bleeding again.