Frequent urination

Patient: Hi I an having frequent urination problem since last one month it start exactly on 24 June. It was my due period date but I don’t had my period till 29june so I thought I may be Pregnent but when on 30 June I got my Period so on 2july I consult doctor and he suggested that I am having infection so he gave me a dose of 5 days antibiotics. The problem continues then doc sent me for test and in report there was no infection he stopped my dose but within 2 days I again consult doctor and infection was found and he gave me 7 days dose of antibiotics.but problem continues so doctor advised me to complete my dose and wait for one week so that report will be clear that whether I am having infection or is concerned that it may be a mechanical problem related to vagina or something but anything will be clear after having my urine report.but is it related to my sex life as I am married since last one and half year but we always use precaution but last time before this problem we had without Precaution so is it may be related to compatibility.i am. Worried as till now we dont have any child.please suggest me.