Frequent urination in 23 year old Female

Patient: Am a 23 year old female and i feel like i have to pee every minute but when i go nothing really comes out and i feel like i still gotta go and i try again but its the same thing nothing really comes out and it starting to be uncofable because i feel like i have to urinary all the time could this be a bladder infection or something eles?please let me know what i should do

Doctor: Thank you for your question. What you are describing could be signs of a urinary tract infection. The typical signs are that of Frequency ( going to the bathroom more than often to pee), Urgency ( a feeling that you have to go immediately), burning on urination, foul smelling urine and cloudy urine. Sometimes one may also get some pain in the lower abdomen in the pelvic area.You need to go to your family physician who will advice you to take a urine sample for testing either in office or to the lab and depending on the result you may need an antibiotic for the infection. Another thing that you can do is keep your self hydrated, drink lots of water. In order to prevent further infections you can drink cranberry juice, avoid the use of vaginal douches, bubble baths, always pee before and after sexual intercourse and wipe from front to back.