Frequent urination problem

Patient: Hello doctor. I have this serious problem with frequent urination. it gets even worse at night as I struggle to fall asleep, and have to go to restroom about every 30 minutes. Please help me.

Symptoms: Frequent urination

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD. Frequent urination at this age, most commonly due to urinary tract infection. It is the infla mmation of urinary tract that is urethra, urinary bladder, etc. It may be accompanied with burning, pain in lower abdomen, fever. If it is mild, should subside in couple of days. If is persisting or recurrent, it require proper evaluation to find the cause for this. Common causes are, stricture, obstruction, calculus reflux, etc. If it is so, consult your physician, as it is to be treated with correct choice of antibiotics. Consume plenty of water and use pain killer medication available OTC. Have a nice day.