Full thickness rotator cuff tear?

Patient: Hi, my name is Alan. About a month and a half ago, I fell with my arms out forward while snowboarding and my shoulder was in pretty bad pain. I went to my general practitioner and took some x-rays which did not show anything. At that point, I could barely lift my elbow 6 inches away from by body laterally. I felt like I had a rotator cuff tear but I did not see an Orthopedist even though I should have. I planned to but after about 4-5 days, the shoulder was much better and I could slowly raise my arm to my sides and to the front so it gave me a false sense of relaxation.Now, a month and a half later, I finally have an appointment with an Orthopedist. The pain is not like it was in the beginning but still hurts in certain positions or if I make a sharp/fast movement such as throwing a punch with the hurt arm. But my range of motion has gotta much better.I am wondering if anyone who has had a full rotator cuff tear can tell me if their experience early on was similar to mine. I am hoping that my injury isnt a full tear because I am afraid I waited to long for surgery and the rotator cuff could have retracted or atrophied.Thank you very much for any help you can give me. I really really appreciate it. :)-Alan

Symptoms: Shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, loss of range of motion.